Fuji Image Plaza

Fuji Image Plaza Grand Indonesia
fuji image plaza mh thamrin
fuji image plaza menteng
fuji image plaza jakarta
Grand Indonesia, West Mall LG Fl Unit 3 B
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia, 10310
Category: Shopping
Store Type: Camera, Photography
Parking Location: Parking Lot, Valet Parking
Payment Method: Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa Card
Business Hours: 10:00 - 21:00

Old photo lab printer

Posted by Darwin T. on 30 Sep 2013
Bad Photo lab printer
I came at 10 AM with intention to print an 8R size photo plus a frame. They told me the the printer's temperature is too high so they cannot print yet. And then they told me to come back at 11:30. I did and they are still not finished yet. So i left and then came back at 3 PM. To my surpise, it is still not done yet. 15 minutes later, they print out my photo and show me the result, but the color is an absolute mess with green tint over the picture. They tried until 4 PM and still failed and they just ask me if I will consider canceling the order. That should've been informed to me since morning if they are unsure they can print. Not wait until 6 hours later.. I have an appointment which require that photo for my friend who's having a farewell party. It. Failed moment...

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