My Bun Bun PIK, Jakarta

 Thefoodescape - Sun, 09 Sep 2018 14:00
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It's been a long time since we visited PIK for cafe hunting or just to find some good food. This time, we came back for this cute cafe named My Bun Bun, self-proclaimed as the first Rabbit Cafe in Indonesia.

Located in Ruko The Plaza PIK, just next to Dapur Cokelat, it's easy to spot this place from the street, thanks to the rabbit ears signage. When you enter though, prepare yourselves for the glorious small animals in cages: from rabbits to hamsters, guinea pigs to hedgehogs, they have 'em all! The first floor is used for some kind of pet shop, second floor for another pet shop and grooming area, and the cafe itself is actually on the third floor. Although the whole area is basically full of (caged) animals, the place is well-maintained and looks very clean with no annoying smell. The stairs are quite wide as well and very convenient even for elderly/children to climb, good job!

Entering the cafe, the first impression is… CUTE! The cafe is small but looks very cozy and homey, with simple minimalist white-dominated decor, it doesn't take long to make us feel at home. The rabbits attributes laying around are so cute I simply adore them.


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