PULAU DUA Resto, Senayan, Jakarta

 Thefoodescape - Fri, 02 Mar 2018 08:16
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Have you ever imagined that in the middle of bustling city of Jakarta, there is one particular place you can always visit for perfect getaway from your daily city routine? In case you didn't know, let us introduce you to Pulau Dua Resto, our current favorite spot for total relaxation in Jakarta!

For younger generations, Pulau Dua would seem like an unfamiliar name but actually this restaurant has been around since 1991. As maintaining a restaurant is not at all an easy task in the highly-competitive F&B business in Jakarta, we must say we are impressed. Despite the location of the strategic area of Gatot Subroto street and direct access from Senayan, the restaurant remains a hidden gem, because of its secluded entrance. Once you enter the restaurant complex, you'll feel like you are transferred to another place, in a good way.

I remember when I was younger, I visited Pulau Dua once. But I totally forgot how it looked like and I was expecting something different this time. Stepping in, I was mesmerized by the atmosphere of the place, the nature, the river, the lush greenery surrounding the entire complex…, it was just, breath-taking. We took a lot of pictures during our visit and choosing less than 50 photos for this blog post was difficult! No more talk, enjoy the photos!

Bridge with river view that connects the entrance to reception/dining area.


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