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 Thefoodescape - Fri, 23 Nov 2018 02:00
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If you follow our Instagram, you might have probably noticed that we went to Bali earlier this month to join the opening event of RivaReno Gelato Bali! We were very excited to be there as both of us are huge fans of (authentic Italian) gelato and although we had never tried RivaReno's gelato before, we have to say that we had high expectation trying the Italy's Best Gelato!

RivaReno Gelato now in Bali - Deadly combination of Cremino Dark & Pistacchio Gelato!

RivaReno Gelato originates from Bologna, the gastronomic capital of Italy - and the world, or so to speak. The name RivaReno wants to pay homade to Bologna (since Bologna is located on the shores of the river Reno), and the brand was created by 4 friends who are: a famous gelato maker, a former BBC journalist, a former Italian car executive, and a lawyer. These 4 founders had for a long time wished to produce gelato with great quality and such goal was finally Read More...

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