Seoul Yummy Jakarta, Lippo Mall Kemang

 Thefoodescape - Thu, 07 Jun 2018 13:27
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Hello, Seoul Yummy! Seoul Yummy is a Korean restaurant which opens just recently in Avenue of The Stars area in Lippo Mall Kemang, and has already taken our attention since the first time we heard about it. Founded in 2008 in Singapore, the brand is a brainchild of a couple, Frank and Laura, who managed to capture Korean food lovers' hearts in Singapore and achieved many awards up to date. Nowadays, Seoul Yummy has grown further and now there are 7 outlets in Singapore alone, and the latest one in Jakarta!

With concept of modern Korean style mixed with urban K-POP nuance, the place spreads young and colorful ambience, especially with the choice of bright and cheerful colors like white, red, and yellow. Every table is equipped with gas stoves and everything looks so neat and tidy. We felt comfortable almost immediately and yeah, we couldn't wait to try the food!

Seoul Yummy offers line of Korean comfort food with signature dishes like Army Stew (Budae Jjigae if you prefer), Cheese Pot, Rice & Noodles, and variants of appetizers or light bites to complete it all. Although many people are worried eating in Korean restaurants because they usually provide pork dishes, in Seoul Yummy, you can enjoy everything with no worry because all menu use no pork and no lard.


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