Jl. Pasir Putih, Pantai Kedonganan, Jimbaran
Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Great Seafood On The Beach

Posted by rojak a. on 16 Nov 2010
Tasty Grilled Seafood
3% Visa/MC Credit Card Charge
I wanted to eat nice seafood outdoor preferably on the beach while in Bali. So, the famous area is Jimbaran area (South Kuta area) for the seafood. This restaurant is more properly managed and not so crowded because there are only 20-24 seafood restaurants in where Blue Ocean Seafood is located; some years ago there were about 50 seafood restaurants in the same area.

The wooden furnitures are setup on the beach. If you arrived at 17:30, you can sit at the table where right next to the ocean wave and enjoy the sunset. Beautiful view and we can't find that kind of view in Jakarta.

The food, you could pick which kind of seafood that you want to eat. They will weight the seafood for you to figure out how much it will cost you. You can pick lobster, crabs, prawns, fish (red snapper, baronang, baramundi, etc.), calamari, or mussel. They can prepare the seafood in Balinese, Chinese or Western style.

I ordered 1 crab with plain steamed and the other one with oyster sauce and ginger, fried calamari, grilled red snapper and pan-fried prawns with butter. All dishes were delicious.

It comes to the bill payment, I'm surprised that I can still find a restaurant in Bali that still charges 3% credit card charge. I remember about this restaurant charge in Bali in early 80's but I guest it still exits in some places in Bali. I thought I was back in early 80's with time machine when paying the bill in this restaurant that has great seafood.

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