Wed, 14 Nov 2018 - Wed, 14 Nov 2018
Event Category: Exhibition / Seminar


From Innovation to Impact

Place        :  Jakarta Convention Center

Date         :  Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Time         :  08:00 - 20:00 WIB

The world changes every time, social, economic, and environment problem always come up with new challenge. Hence, breakthrough and collaboration have become necessary to solve all the problem arise, now and in the future. Philanthropy, which is closely related to generosity, has a great potential to be an actor who foster the cross-sector collaboration and create various social program initiatives that are innovative. Based on survey from Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in 2016, Indonesia ranks second as the most generous country in the world after Myanmar, the rise of philanthropy activities in Indonesia are carried out by channeling resources wisely. The rapid development of philanthropic institutions in Indonesia has encouraged innovations in philanthropic activities.

Innovation is the process of applying information, imagination, and initiative to generate greater value from the resources it has. In philanthropy, innovation meant as program development or new product, process, or approach to enable resources to be given and invested easier and wiser. Innovative Philanthropy is a step to help foster more resources and ensure that the resources will be used effectively and give a wider impact.

The process of mainstreaming the movement to build a breakthrough innovation in the philanthropy actions development hopefully will be able to give a real positive impact towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), because in achieving SDGs will always need innovative approaches, for example, the use of digital technology, and the participation of millennial generation, marginalized community, as well as other stakeholders.

In 2018, Filantropi Indonesia will hold FILANTROPI INDONESIA FESTIVAL (FIFEST). This conference and festival are a routine activity which conducted once in two years, and this year will be the second festival we conduct. The activity will not be only consisting of exhibition but also conference, networking session, skill share, talk show, Partnership forum, as well as field trip to various philanthropy project. FIFEST 2018 will show innovation in various philanthropy activities in Indonesia and Asia, also, the effective strategy in building capacity of Philanthropy institutions in Indonesia for SDGs achievement.


1.   Mainstreaming Philanthropic innovations to the public and foster the participation and partnership to create various productive initiative in Philanthropy sector.

2.   To become a meeting place for philanthropic activists with cross-sectoral development stakeholders in Indonesia and Asia.

3.   To foster the new approach in Philanthropic sector for the SDGs achievement while also introduce Filantropi Indonesia through various innovative initiative that can be created and implemented by the members and partners.


4.   To facilitate the philanthropy activists and other sector in creating synergy and partnership for SDGs achievement.


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