M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)
Foundue Desir Petite

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe) Grand Indonesia
m cafe (magnum cafe) mh thamrin
m cafe (magnum cafe) menteng
m cafe (magnum cafe) jakarta
Grand Indonesia, West Mall 6th Fl
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia, 10310
Kategori: Restoran
Fitur: Keluarga
Harga per Orang: < 100.000
Kode Pakaian: Casual
Lokasi Parkir: Parking Lot, Valet Parking
Jam Buka: 10:00 - 22:00

Chocolate Ice Cream Galore

Dikirim oleh Stallone pada 16 May 2014
Heaven for chocolate lovers
Cant stand the line in weekend
Like the most hippest place in town, this place is always to be a crowded spot in weekend
I prefer go in weekdays

If you have any crave of chocolate ice cream esp magnum and kinda dessert-gasm at the same time this place would be a perfect fit for you

All kind creations of magnum ice cream are ready to indulge your sense...

Last week I went there and chose Gateau Du Chocolate

Gateau Du Chocolate

all hail chocolate lover with a devil chocolate cake

Wafel d' Antwerp for a big tummy like because of a stack of waffles

Wafel d' Antwerp

and then came a Foundue Desir Petite with fruits like kiwi, banana, and berries

Foundue Desir Petite

loving all the creations for us pleasure seekers but be sure not to be drawn deep to this chocolate mud situatuion because it may cause you a "chocolate sick" after ate them

ah they serve one of the great pasta too
I tried Spagehtti Alfredo Cream and Spagehtti Aglio Olio with Meatballs. They tasted really good

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)

M Cafe (Magnum Cafe)

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Dikirim oleh DM S.
pada 12 Aug 2020
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