Bali Royal Hospital (BROS)

bali royal hospital (bros) letda tantular
bali royal hospital (bros) denpasar timur
bali royal hospital (bros) bali
Jl. Letda. Tantular No. 6 Renon Denpasar
Denpasar Timur
, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 80234

(0361) 226 - 051

类别: 医院

Get a second opinion

发布由 J T. 上 26 May 2013
it looks clean, they speak English
overcharging, malpractice, long waits, incompetent treatment
If you unfortunately find yourself at this hospital in an emergency, check your bill carefully and get a second opinion as soon as you have the chance.

BROS tried to overcharge me on two occasions, and I'm compelled to share my experience of incompetent treatment at BROS hospital.

I was given a cast for a simple wrist break, but the specialist did not examine the x-rays properly.

The treatment crushed the other side of my hand inside the cast (where there had been no previous injury). This then went unnoticed in my later check-ups with them. They told me everything was fine.

Three separate independent experts have said the damage they did was completely unnecessary, and could still have been fixed if they had ever noticed their mistake.

Because of BROS, the damage was sustained until I sought advice elsewhere. I may never have full use of my hand again and I am in continual pain.

Please, please be careful if you find yourself in the hands of these people. Insist that the doctors spend time with you to discuss your treatment and progress, their first suggestion will be the most expensive option.

Remember that this is a mercenary rather than compassionate service. BROS are more interested than their profits than your well-being.

I only wish I could give a more positive recommendation.

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS)

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS)

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS)

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS)

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS)



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