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For determination of field CBR value (rapid quality control)

Consist of :

Handle : Stainless steel.
Hammer : Machined steel, Painted, 8 kg weight.
Guide Rod : Stainless steel, 16 mm diameter, drop height 575 mm.
Anvil : Machined steel, welded painted.
Penetration Rod : Stainless steel, 16 mm dia, 107 cm length, 75 cm effective.
Cone : Hardened tool steel cone tip, 60 deg. angle, 20 mm dia., stainless steel adaptor.
Penetration Scale : Stainless steel, 16 mm dia, 100 cm scale.
Carrying Bag : Water proof cloth.
Open End Wrench : Vanadium steel 12/13, 14/15.

Dimension (l x w x h) : 115 x 40 x 40 cm / Gross weight : 18 Kg

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