CEK= Jual Digital Level ORION 2LS Call.081380673290

Date Mon, 19 Sep 2016 15:33
Location Kota Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
Dilihat: 533
Kategori: Lain-Lain

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Harga: Rp15.000.000,- Nego
Tipe: Dijual
Kondisi: Baru
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Orion+ Specifications[nl][nl]Accuracy (height) 2.0mm at 30m[nl]Accuracy (distance) 10mm @ 10m[nl]Working range (Tape staff) 0.9 to 30m (2.9 to 98ft)[nl]Working Range (Aluminum Staff) 2.0 to 50m (6.5 to 164ft)[nl]Measuring time 2sec [nl]Magnification 20X[nl]Self-compensation range 12[nl][nl][nl]Telescope[nl]Length 206mm[nl]Magnification 20X[nl]Objective aperture 30mm (1.18in.)[nl]Resolving power 4.5"[nl]Field of view 120'[nl]Minimum focus 0.9m (2.9ft)[nl]Image Erect[nl]Stadia ratio 1:100[nl]Stadia constant 100[nl][nl][nl]Compensator[nl]Type Pendulum compensator with magnetic damping system[nl]Working range 12'[nl][nl][nl]Height Measurement[nl]Accuracy [nl]Electronic reading 2.0mm at 30m[nl]Optical reading 2.0mm at 30m[nl]Measuring range [nl]Tape staff BCX 0.9 to 30m (2.9 to 98ft)[nl]Aluminum staff BAS 2.0 to 50m (6.5 to 164ft)[nl]Measuring time 2sec [nl]Least count 0.001m, 0.01ft[nl]Minimum light for measurement 20lx. @ staff surface[nl][nl][nl]Distance Measurement[nl]Accuracy [nl]Aluminum staff BAS [nl]D<=10m 10mm[nl]10m D <=50m 0.25% x D[nl]Least count 0.01m, 0.1ft[nl][nl][nl]User Interface[nl]Display 7 segment and character LCD with backlight[nl]Keyboard 6 keys (5 on front panel, 1 on side)[nl]Circular level sensitivity 8'/2mm[nl][nl][nl]Measurement Program[nl]Measurement Program Single/Continuous/Elevation/Height difference[nl][nl][nl]Environmental[nl]Water and dust resistance IP55 Category2[nl]Operating temperature -20 to +50[nl][nl][nl]Others[nl]Power supply AA dry cells x 2[nl]Operating time 120hrs = 50,000 points (at +20, point every 5 sec)[nl]Weight 1.8kg (include batteries)[nl]Size 206 x 123 x 137mm
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Anggota Sejak: 10 May 2016