Indonesian Language Lessons Tutoring in Jakarta

Date Sun, 23 Mar 2014 11:11
Location Kota Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta
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Harga: Rp5.500.000,-
Tipe: Ditawarkan
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Wanna have Indonesian language lessons at your place? CALL +6281316924518 or email [email protected] and VISIT www.bahasa-corner.com if you happen to live around Jakarta and Bekasi and need to learn Indonesian language. The teachers will come to your office or apartment to help you master the language with the following programs:

A. Bahasa Indonesia Umum (General Indonesian Language)
1. Dasar Satu
2. Dasar Dua
3. Menengah Satu
4. Menengah Dua
5. Mahir Satu
6. Mahir Dua

B. Bahasa Indonesia Umum (Business Indonesian Language)
1. Level Satu
2. Level Dua

The numbers of each level are 15 sessions and each session is 1.5 hours duration.
The course fee is R. p5,500,000 per level and the books as well as tutors transport fee are already included. For more details please VISIT bahasa-corner.com

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