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Little Sheep Chinese Shabu Shabu

(021) 5785 - 3365

BRI II Center Park, 7th Fl
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 44 - 46
Jakarta, Indonesia 10210

Editorial Review

When you are talking about the famous Mongolian Hot Pot or any type of Hot Pot, you can expect a huge line outside and packed customers inside such a restaurant. The sensational aroma that you experience once you are near the venue is the key reason why Mongolian Hot Pot is so sought after and also very different than your regular hot pot.

What makes the Mongolian Hot Pot so special is the base; the broth, its taste and its aroma keeps people wanting more. At Little Sheep, they have three broths to choose from; their House Special Original Broth, Cooling Broth and finally their fiery Spicy Broth. For those used to the blend, powder sachet i.e flavourless broth, you will never go back to that again after experiencing what 'real' broth is all about.

We will save your time and say that you should not be bothered to add extra soy sauce, garlic, or spring onions to 'adjust' your broth as per your taste/liking at Little Sheep. It is already made to perfection with Chinese herbs such as date, cardamons, ginger, whole garlic, angco, dried red hot chillies and much more. FYI these herbs all renowned in Chinese medicinal practices to balance the Chi in the body and plus we could have sworn there was around half a kilo of garlic floating about our pan which would probably scare off any symptoms of flu for weeks to come. The herbs are specially packed and imported and brought in especially from China. Additionally, the base of their broth is chicken soup, and they cook kilos of fresh chicken for 24 hours to ensure the richness of the soup.

So far, Little Sheep already scores 5 stars simply on the pungent aroma of their broth and of course the delicious taste, it can still further impress you off the charts for the freshness of their all imported Lamb shoulder and beef strip-loin. The quality and freshness of vegetables; chinese cabbage, wontons, mushrooms and noodles is spectacular. And yet, the best part of it all is that with Rp.108,000++ you can enjoy unlimited supply of this goodness in one seating!

For something different at Little Sheep, we recommend that you go to their Gajah Mada outlet and experience their adventurous and unique menu. Especially the special half-half (mild chicken and spicy duck) hot pot where you can expect their usual generous serving of imported herbs and then even some more. Also beer is added to their broth to intensify the aroma and flavour of the spicy duck broth. SUPERB!

With over 350 outlets all over the world, Little Sheep has the key ingredients that will hit the spot for everyone regardless on which continent they are from.


  • the Cutieburbur

    Best Mongolian Hot Pot with many Herbs

    Posted by the Cutieburbur on 05 Aug 2011
    Pros: Very unique and delicious dish, homemade noodle with perfect texture
    Cons: For those non herbs lover, beware of generous portion of herbs
    Love half-half (original and spicy) broth with many kind of herbs in it!!! Add some extra garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce to adjust the taste to your liking. The generous portion of tender and juicy meats and vegetables in all you can eat menu are SUPERB!

    For a non herbs lover, try the La Mian series. They are very delicious. The La Mian is homemade and, for me, has a perfect soft texture. I recommend "You Po Mian with Beef", wide homemade noodle, with some homemade dried chili powder, sliced beef, and vegetable, tastes different yet delicious than any other la mian I ever ate. Not mentioned fresh real chicken broth as the side dish, which you can take after you eat the noddle, not pour it together in the noodle as in any usual La Mian.

    If you are a Herbs lover, this Mongolian Hot Pot surely your perfect choice to soothing your tired body and mind Winking
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