Megasuarez Petshop

megasuarez petshop ruko poris paradise,
megasuarez petshop cipondoh
megasuarez petshop tangerang
Ruko Poris Paradise, Bl B 11 No. 16
, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Category: Shopping
Store Type: Pet Shop
Parking Location: Parking Lot


Posted by Vinay N. on 15 Jun 2017
My best friend's dog is smaller than them, they f****** assume that she is galak just because she doesn't want to be kept in small cages especially when she wants to be held in arms of someone that she knows or at least be free since she was in a cage in the car for an hour since my best friend came all the way from sunter to tangerang to drop off her dog just to find out that they won't accept my dog. if they cant accept any dogin the first place and they may assume they are "professional" or not, they shouldnt have put up a place for animals to stay if you cant even be professional to handle them that well.

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