Menara BCA, 56th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.1
Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta, Indonesia, 10230

Bagus Suasana Outdoor

Posted by D N. on 03 Jul 2012
Pemandangan Jakarta Metropolitan
Mahal Minumannya dan Makanan Ringan Kurang Enak
Kapan lagi bisa lihat pemandangan Jakarta dari gedung tinggi. Disinilah tempatnya sambil melihat orang Jakarta yang suka foto-foto Happy

Saya rekomen sekali untuk orang-orang pada datang cuman sayang minumannya agak mahal ya. Makanan ringannya (finger food) yang di area lounge kurang enak dibandingkan tempat hang out yang lain. Tapi grup Ismaya dari dulu memang kurang terkenal kalau mengenai makanan, terkenalnya di concept dan ide-ide baru saja.

meja segitiga

Posted by tobi p. on 27 Jun 2012
fabulous view
snobby PR very unhelpful, customer service is down the drain for an expensive resto
This resto has an awesome 180 view of Jakarta. visited the place just to check out the view.. Love to come back for dinner some other time..

BUT the PR who manages reservation is so fuckin snobbish that it is only right to share this experience with you guys..
Booked for 3 people and would like to add 2 more chairs, she said my table is of a triable shape so she cannot add even one more chair.. pheww.. i would like to know who create a triagle shape table.. that is so inefficient and let alone a big lie?

sigh.. yea yea this place might be a new hip resto, but seriously pride comes before the fall..i would like to see more customers run away because of the lousy service.. we pray premium not to be treated like that! People working there should know that customers are the one paying their salaries not their bosses, so be nice please.. at least if you cannot freakin be nice, be helpful..

Best Sunset View Of Jakarta

Posted by Cool D. on 21 Jun 2012
Nice Outdoor Lounge on the 56th Floor and the sunset
Terrible When It Rains
You guys have to visit after 4pm in the afternoon to watch the sunset. Nobody can enjoy sunset in Jakarta unless you go to Skye. They have seats that you don't need to reserve actually, just show up and buy some drinks or snacks there.

If people complain about can't get any bookings there, then it is normal in Jakarta for a new hang out place. Thousands of people want to be in Skye, you just need to be persistent.


Posted by nick w. on 21 Jun 2012
so hard just to book a place even i've call 2 weeks before the day.. so uncomfortable. i have to find another resto

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langganan saya dari dulu
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